Olia Nayda the leader of product design and exelent user experience design | olianayda.com november 2020
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Hello and Welcome. I'm Olia Nayda – Senior Product Designer/

I love to create and I have an addiction of useful product creation. Using Design Thinking to make product better and achieve user and business goals successfully. I'm using Curiosity and Empathy to deeply understand users. Analytical and Critical Thinking helps me to stay cool in decision making. I'm always starting from Deep product and Market learning and keep it up through all product dev cycles.

Love calligraphy and have learn at Leonid’s Pronenko calligraphy studio, gastronomy hunter, photographer and adept of human-centered approach in work and life.

Help you to find and solve usability problems, build user scenarios and work productive with developers and quality assurance using BDD (Behavior Driven Development)