Olga Nayda CEO of Glocal – revolutionary SEO tool for Marketing Teams. Product Designer with critical thinking and analysis skills">

Shortly what I do. Actual for today

Olga Nayda – CEO Gloc.al (10 best female founded startups by Feminno) SEO/Localisation/Serverless obtainable market $15B & CBDO at Beyond Industries. Backed by In5 Dubai Tech. I'm one os the best 1000 photographers on Unsplash according to views in December 2022. I have Product Design background and was working as Web designer 3 years in design studio."> Telegram

Olga develops a non-profit community Unicorn Witnesses and founded a socially important product Muteit app together with a team from the community. In addition to her products, Olga is involved in Multy.ai development in the role of Head of Product Design.

What are we all about work, Olga has been doing calligraphy since 2017 ( Instagram with calligraphy ) and photography since 2015 (60 million photo views on her Unsplash account).

Аватар Ольги Найда
This is how Olia Nayda looks in 2021

What I want to do

Olga Nayda is moving towards WEB3, for a free Internet. She is interested in community-based product teams and human-centered products.

Who does Olga Nayda work with

One of the most important criteria for cooperation is the openness of companies and teams. Olga is interested in ESG vector, WEB3 and social relevance.

Unicorn Wintesses

Olia Nayda works with teams of the highest caliber and wants you to see for yourself. One example is Unicorn Witnesses . Unicorn Witnesses helps people get into digital without being afraid to make mistakes. Olya Naida is in charge of design processes within the community and has one of the key roles: CDO. The team with Olia includes: Aleksei Dolgikh – CVO, Scout VC, Digital product, tech & strategic mastermind. Pavel Petrov – Digital product developer, Evgeny Khristenko – CTO, Digital products innovations architecture, Nikita Khristenko – UX/UI designer, certified CBT coach.

Olia Nayda and Unicorn Witnesses

You can talk to Olga in Unicorn Witnesses’s Discord. She is there every day.
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Olga Nayda tweets messages on behalf of the community with the Unicorn Witnesses team.

Muteit app

Olya Naida is the founder of the health-tech ecosystem of health care products Muteit.app. Which includes several products, such as Muteit app, Mutesturbate, Muteit health

Muteit app teaches people how to cope with anxiety so that they are not afraid to go to a public toilet. Nikita Khristenko - as a certified CBT trainer plays a key role in the development, together Olya, Alena Korsunova and Yulia Predeina - have designed the marketing strategy and develop the brand style.

Malti is a brand new social media automation for business

Olga Nayda at Multy.ai as director of product design. Malty founded Oleksandr Moiseyuk thanks to his team including marketer Kir Maslov Autopilot became Malty: from a tool for the enlightened turned into a convenient automation and gamification service.

Olga has been in the product since the beginning of Malti's journey, when it was still Autopilot 2.0. During this time she conducted and molded research, user problems. Together with the team tested several prototypes and created the UI concept of the service.

Olia's team includes a designer Anastasia Pliskina . The team tests and implements new functionality, maintains the component library, and collects feedback from users